Monday, April 28, 2008

Intro to us!

I am Ashley, a 24 year old, stay at home mom to my 2 beautiful children. Connor is 2, almost 3. Addie is almost 9 months. My hubby Wes is 24. He will be home really soon from a 15 month deployment.

Staying home with the kids makes for lots of cute, funny, sweet or bad stories. I want to remember them and have a way to share them with others, so here we are. I am not the greatest writer but I bet some of the things my kids do will bring warmth to your heart, a smile to your face, or make you laugh out loud. I hope you enjoy reading about my little darlings. :) I named this blog Addie-tude & Doodles Too! because I thought it sounded cute. Lol. Doodles is a nickname we often call Connor.

Connor is our silly, goofy, sweet boy. He has great manners. It cracks me up when he is mad and upset about something and yells "No thank you" at me. People we encounter when out and about are always so impressed to hear him say yes m'am. I am a proud mama. He can also be quite the little turd. He hates sharing anything with Addie. Everything she touches, he tells her no. When Addie is babbling and squealing he fusses at her and says no screaming. He is so outgoing and has rarely met a stranger. He LOVES being outside. He would never come in if he didn't have too. In fact he throws a fit when we come inside. He is really going to enjoy this summer bc Daddy is going to be home to put together his big wooden swing set, our yard is fenced, and our swimming pool in our neighborhood is opening.

Addie is the prettiest little thing. Everywhere we go, people stop us to comment on how pretty she is, how gorgeous her eyes are, that she looks just like a baby doll. It gives me a big head. Lol. She is also the most social little butterfly. She has a smile for everyone. She is at such a fun age. She learns new things all the time. She has recently started giving kisses when I ask. When I ask, she leans in with an open, drooly mouth. I love it! She is also clapping all the time. It is adorable. She wants to crawl but is kinda lazy like her mommy. She has my thunder thighs too. Poor thing. Lol. She is teething like crazy and isn't her normal happy self. She is still the greatest baby, even when in pain but just fussier than normal. Her bottom 2 teeth are getting ready to break through though. So hopefully she will get some relief soon. She loves her brother and laughs and snorts at him all the time.

I guess that is a good rundown of some basic info about us. I am sure I will be back with a good story or 2 soon. :)