Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What a busy weekend!

It is so great having Wes home! We have been doing so much and really keeping busy! This weekend was jam packed and SO busy! Wes was off on Friday and I was babysitting for a few hours. That afternoon we ran some errands.
Saturday our neighborhood pool opened so we went that morning. It was Addie's first time going to the pool! When we got there no one else was there and the water was so cold. I put Connor's swim vest on and put him in the shallow end of the pool. As you can see in the picture he was not too happy. I don't know if it was because he thought he was going to sink or because the water was cold.... Either way, it made for a funny picture!
He was quite happy and had a great time in the kiddy pool when his friend Reagan arrived. Since the water was so cold in the big pool, I just sat Addie on the kiddy pool step and she splashed around a bit. She loves the water. I know she is going to really enjoy the pool when the water warms up.

Addie and Daddy for her first trip to the swimming pool!

Happy to be splashing around in the water.

After the pool on Saturday morning, we came home, had lunch, kids napped, and then we rushed off to a first birthday party. It was the daughter of a co-worker of Wes. Every wife there was named Ashley almost. It was about the only time I have remembered everyone's names. Lol. Addie really didn't enjoy the party very much. She was tired and cranky. It was really hot outside too. Connor had a blast though. They had a kiddy pool set up and a swing-set. They also brought out a jump-house after a while. He had a blast. Everyone kept asking how old he was. They were surprised to hear that he is 2. He was the same size as an 5 year old boy at the party! Connor was very well behaved too! We all had fun and it was nice meeting Wes' friends.
After the party, we went grocery shopping at the commissary. Wes wore Addie for the first time ever and they looked so cute! We were even stopped by a women in the store because she wanted to compliment us on how beautiful our family was. That sure did make Wes and I feel good.

Addie and Daddy ready to do some grocery shopping.

Sunday we didn't go to church and spent the day straightening the house for company that evening. Addie was a little grumpy and clingy which is unusual for her. You can see the picture below to see how she wished me Happy Mother's Day! Lol. Our morning started with Wes making me eggs and toast for breakfast. I love his eggs! He also gave me a sweet card. That afternoon, our neighbors came over to grill out and just hang out. They brought over a bottle of wine and Wes and I were so embarrassed because we didn't even have any wine glasses. We felt so dumb.... who wants wine in a coffee mug!! Lol. We had a really good time with them though. Doodles loves their daughter Reagan. They are best friends. Candy(the neighbor) and I have decided to start going to the neighborhood fitness center together 3 days a week! We went last night and my legs hardly work today but I am going to keep going. I am glad I have such an awesome neighbor to be friends with!

Here is how my grumpy girl told me Happy Mother's Day. Lol. She is usually so happy.
Yesterday I figured out why she was so grumpy. Her 2 bottom teeth started breaking through the skin during the night Sunday. I could feel a tiny bit of each tooth on Monday morning. She is much happier now!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Link to Our Homecoming Pictures

I just wanted to share the link to Chelsa's (our awesome photog) blog. If you scroll down you will see a few of the pics she posted from our Homecoming. She is so talented and an amazingly sweet, beautiful, Christian woman. I admire her and thank her so much for being a part of our Homecoming and capturing the moments for us! We will treasure them forever!

So many funny stories, so little time!

Our little Doodles is quite the character. I have a few funny stories I haven't had the time to blog about yet. Maybe I will have the time to share them now.
Doodles has had a favorite Teddy since he was one. He is on Teddy #3. He hates #3 bc he is new and will only have anything to do with #s 1 & 2. He has become quite the mother hen to Teddy lately. Sometimes I feed Addie breakfast in the Bumbo in the living room. On this particular morning, after Addie was done, Doodles put Teddy in. He pretended to feed him breakfast.
He then precedes to carefully sit Teddy down to play with Addie's toys in the spot I had made for Addie on the floor.
He then tells me Teddy is hungry and gets on the couch with the Boppy pillow I use when feeding Addie. He pulls up his shirt and nurses Teddy. I was laughing hysterically so the picture is kinda blurry. After lunch he puts Teddy in his booster and pretends to feed him with a fork.
I am not sure what made Teddy get all that special treatment but it was only for that one day. He also told me when Teddy had a bo-bo and was tired. I think Connor has got the pretend play thing down! Lol.

This story is not for the faint at heart. I admit it is a little gross and crazy but it shows how curious children can be! Connor got curious about what would happen if he closed the door on his pee-pee! Needless to say he didn't close the door very much and freaked out when he did it. Poor little guy.... bet he won't do that again. I bet that makes all you men cringe!

Over the weekend, Doodles played in his little swimming pool. He loved it. He was all soaking wet when he yelled out "Potty!". I told him to go pee-pee on the flowers, also known as weeds. He was so wet, I didn't want to take him inside just to pee-pee. Well that bit me in the butt today! Now that the back yard is fenced, we let him play out there and we leave the door open and windows open so we can see and hear him. Wes checked on him and came and told me I had to see what Connor was doing. Doodles was standing in the middle of the yard, slightly bent at the knees, and naked from the waist down. We watched him a couple of minutes just to see what the heck he was doing and he never moved. Wes went to go make him put his undies and shorts on. When Connor bent over to get his leg in his undies, I saw a little surprise. Lol. He had a turd hanging out! I ran out and told Wes and he brought him to the potty. So don't let your kiddo innocently pee-pee outside one time bc they may get the wrong idea!

As for Addie, she is doing so well. She has started doing so much. She is crawling all over the place and pulling up too!When I let her play in the floor and crawl she seems instantly attracted to shoes. The one thing on the floor I don't want her touching is the thing she goes for every time. Here is a pic of her just to make you smile. :)

Both the kids are really enjoying the swing set that Emmie(my mom) gave them as part of their Christmas. It just got put together last Saturday by Wes and his friend Pear. When they swing side by side they laugh and giggle the whole time. Here they are on the swingset.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Daddy is Home!

After 15 long months, Daddy is home! We had a middle of the night homecoming. I was nervous about how the kiddos would do because they both love their sleep. I woke them up and got them dressed and off we went. We had to wait about an hour before the guys got there and Connor seemed to love all the excitement. He waved his flag, held up his sign, and climbed up and down the benches. When the band started playing he danced. Addie did so great too! I held her and we bounced to the music. She was all smiles but got tired toward the end. She dozed in my arms a few times. We held up a sign that said Duckett with 2 arrows pointing down so Wes could find us easy. He found us really quick. I got a quick hug and kiss and then Wes picked up Doodles. Doodles got a shy smile on his face and wrapped his arms around Daddy. He gave him a kiss and had the biggest smile. When Wes held Addie she cried. He has only seen her for 18 days when she was 2 months old and she has stranger anxiety. I took her back and got my big hug and kiss. Wes saw Doodles some more and then tried Addie again. She cried again. The third try was a charm though. She rubbed his face and gave him a smile. Since then she has been just loving her Daddy. She loves him and watches him wherever he goes. It melts my heart to see all of them together after all this time! I didn't really take many pictures at Homecoming because I hired an awesome photographer. I am sure she has some excellent pictures that I can share with everyone later. I didn't wanna be worried about capturing the moments. I wanted to focus on the special moments as they happened. I will post a couple of pics I got of us waiting at the end of this post.
We have really enjoyed having Daddy home! The day he came home, Addie started crawling. I am so glad she waited for Wes to get here. Before, she could only move one hand and knee before she fell down. Now she goes all over! Connor has been having a good time with Daddy too! They have been playing outside alot. We also all took a walk through our neighborhood. Connor rode his bike the whole way with a little help from Daddy. This morning, Wes had to go into work for a bit. Connor kept asking where Daddy was going. He looked upset when we said to work. Then I realized why he was upset.... the whole deployment, I told him Daddy was at work. So we had to explain to him that Daddy would be back later today. He was still reluctant for Daddy to leave. I bet he is going to be all excited again when Daddy gets home today. It will probably take some time to learn that Daddy leaving isn't always for a long time.
It is time for me to go make Doodles some lunch now. I will type more as time permits. If I don't post for a while, it is because I am enjoying our family being complete again!

Here we are waiting. Connor would not stop looking at the balloons on the ceiling to take a picture.

Addie's ACU diaper we had made for homecoming. It says "My Daddy is My Hero".

Addie is happy even in the middle of the night!