Thursday, October 30, 2008

15 Months Old Today & a Great Potty Day!

Woot woot! Addie had the best potty day so far today. And today she is 15 months old. I am so incredibly proud of her. She peed on the potty 8 times today and pooped once. She only had 3 accidents! I think this is great since this is only our 6th training day! I hope she continues to improve. I took some pics of her today on the potty since she is 15 months old!

Using the potty like a big girl!

Peek-a-boo is one of the things we do when bored.

And as usual, she makes the time to do a little thumb-sucking. lol

My sweet, silly girl is growing up so fast!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Playing Nice... I Love It!

Everyone thinks I am nuts!

Everyone thinks I have totally lost it bc I am trying to potty train Addie even though she isn't even 15 months yet. We have been going to the potty since last Saturday. That is a huge part of why I have not had time to post. She hasn't quite got it yet so it requires many trips to the potty to sit for long periods of time. lol She has done well though. She poops and pees on the potty a lot. She has accidents but I think it is bc what we are doing hasn't really registered yet. But I think it is starting to. She now goes to the bathroom door when I say potty. She also claps and reaches for the windowsill, where I keep her rewards, after she poops or pees. I will continue to update about her progress but so far I am a very proud mama!
Work is still going good. I usually work Mondays and Fridays. I had some cancellations last week so I rescheduled them for today. Connor must have been having a good time bc when I got home he told me to go back to work! Kinda hurt my feelings. He normally does not want me to be out of his sight.
About 15 mins ago, Wes informed me that one of his extra hard drives died! Of course it was the one that had all our pictures on it. The last ones transferred from my camera had not been burned to disc yet! I will die if Wes cannot recover them. I was pretty big b!tch about it but I LOVE my pictures and will be crushed to lose any of them. Please pray that he is able to recover them somehow!
Gotta run for now bc there is much to do. Due to the potty training, I have no chance to get anything done during the day. Addie has been asleep since 6 and I have not done much productive yet. Gotta get busy.

Addie's first piece of pizza! She loved it and ate the whole piece. It was pineapple and sausage.

Big girl is sitting on the potty!

Addie is wondering when she gets to get off the potty!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cute Hair Clips For Sale!

I have recently started making these cute, simple little hair clips for Addie. I have decided to also sell them. They are so expensive in the store, so this is a more affordable way to have a variety of clips to go with all your little girls' outfits! Below are pics of what I currently have available. Each set is $4. This price includes shipping. If you are interested in purchasing some clips, you can email me at We can communicate and work out the details through email.

1 & 2

3 & 4

5 & 6

7 & 8

9 & 10

11 & 12

13 & 14

15 & 16

17 & 18

19 & 20

Saturday, October 18, 2008

So much to tell....

This time I am going to try to keep it short. I know that y'all don't care about all the dumb details.

Addie is feeling better. But Thursday morning she broke out in a rash. It was a pretty bad one so we went to the doc. She had a reaction to her antibiotics. They also retested her for strep and she was still positive. They said said she should have been negative since she had 5 days of meds. So she got new antibiotics and hopefully they will get her well. She now has 5 teeth. 3 top, 2 bottom and working on 1 more top. She is talking up a storm and is just sooooooooooo sweet.

Connor has been doing great since his "surgery". He has not had any more screaming night wakings covering his ears and noises do not seem to be as much of an issue but still bothersome. He has decided to quit being so picky about eating and he seems to be minding better. He is probably improving all around bc he is getting better sleep due to not having the crazy screaming night wakings. Also this week he surprised us 2 nights in a row by ASKING to go to bed. One night he asked at 7:15 and the next night he asked at 6:15! Of course we obliged! lol

My work has been going great. I am up to 11 play therapy sessions a week. So I am working almost 7 hours on Mondays and almost 7 hours on Fridays. Thursday I caught myself saying Friday was going to be a long day. How awesome is it that a long day for me is less than 7 hours?! lol I am also really enjoying the kiddies I am working with a lot. It also feels so good to come home and have both kids pile on me and love me. I can tell they miss me.

Today we are going to a birthday party for 2 sisters. They are our neighbors. I feel sorry for Connor bc it is a princess party. He will probably enjoy the cake though! lol

My mom, stepdad, and brother are coming to visit for Thanksgiving! I am so excited. My mom and brother have only been here once and stepdad has never been here. I wish my mom would just buy the tickets so they won't change their minds. BUY THE TICKETS MOM!

RUSTY, if you are reading, HI! I saw that you made a comment. It is funny that I saw that this morning bc I was just thinking about you this morning. I had a Thomas Square bagel and they always make me think of you since I first had them on our trip. lol I miss you so much and hope we will see you around Christmas-time if we make it home. Awesome job on the running. :)

Couch-5K Update.......I Suck! I am lazy! I must like being fat! I have only ran 1 of 3 times this week. I was starting week 1 over after last weekend was so terrible. And I blew it again. I am going to try again next week to get going with week 1. I just need to get a routine going and get use to it. Right now I keep thinking I will do it later and just never do it. So someone kick my botty into gear. Tell me to stop being fat!

Seems like I had more to tell but I don't remember! So here are some pics. :)

Caught playing nice!

Addie decided to give the baby stroller a try.

The rash she had on her tummy and back.

Feeding herself! Addie did well with the spoon. She just spilled some.
The food all over her tray is bc she dumps her plate when she is done.

Happy girl!

Wearing Connor's hat.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Craziness around here!

It has been a while since I posted bc things have been a little crazy around here. I will sum it up as short as possible to inform you and not bore you..... also bc I have some shows recorded on DVR to watch. lol My grandparents left on Wednesday after a great visit....and took Wes with them. Wes needed a ride to AL to pick up his new Harley so this worked out great. They all left on Wed and Wes came back on Sunday. Shit hit the fan while he was gone. Addie woke up Sat morning burning up and had a fever of 102.5. Also while I was looking for the thermometer the power went out in half our house. Half the upstairs and half the downstairs. Crazy. I panicked bc it was an overwhelming morning. Nothing worked to get it back on so I gave up. It miraculously came back on and I was so thankful. We went to the doctor's Sat morning sick hours. We got the news that Addie has strep throat again for the 2nd time in a month and a half. Crazy! So she got antibiotics and we came home. She rested most of the day and her fever would not go away. Later Sat evening the power went off again. It kinda dimmed and then was gone..... in half the house. I had no idea what to do. A neighbor came and tried to figure it out and gave up after a couple of hours. I finally decided to call an electrician bc I didn't want us to burn up in an electrical fire! Of all 20 electricians with big ads that said 24 hour emergency service, only 3 answered. First one says $125 to come out and $125 per hour. So $250 for 1 hour. Second said the same thing. Third one was a family owned business that was actually interested in hearing what was going on. She suggested I call the power company to come check first bc if it is on their end, it will cost me nothing. She said if it is something on my end then to call her back and they will come for $125. I thanked her over and over for helping me and not trying to rip me off. The power co came and it was their fault! Yay. When our house was built 2 years ago they knicked the main power line to our box when they put in the water and sewage. It gradually got worse until we finally lost part of our power. Problem solved. They did have to cut all the power to the house while they worked which sucked bc I had to sit in the dark with a flashlight until 11pm. So worht it though to have the problem solved and for free! Sunday Addie still felt bad and was feverish off and on. Wes got home yesterday and the kids were both so glad to see him. I was too! I dunno why everything has to happen while he is gone!
Today Wes was off and I had a couple of hours of play therapy scheduled so he was home with the kids. When I got home both kids climbed onme and showered me with love. It is so nice to know they miss me when I am gone. A few miracles happened this evening. Connor cleaned up all his toys all by himself. The whole time he was doing it he kept saying "Look mommy, I doing so good!" It was so cute. He also cleaned his plate at dinner tonight. We had fried Tilapia and green beans with new potatoes. He ate all his fish(chicken as he thinks) and had 2 servings of green beans and potatoes. This kid wouldn't touch a green bean until now. Didn;t really like potatoes unless they are mashed. We were so proud! He even said they were delicious! For eating so good he had some yogurt(which he thinks is ice cream). lol Not much other interesting stuff to tell about. I will post some pics now so I can go watch some tv. :)
Oh wait...there is one more thing. I have decided I am way too fat and lazy. I am heavier than I have ever been while not pregnant. So I have started Couch to 5K. You can read about it here: I started last Thursday but then all the crap over the weekend got in the way. I started off fresh today. I have a pic of the kids bundled up for our run while they had breakfast. Wes went too since he was off. Wish me luck bc I need it!!!
Ready for a nap in her new wool knit pants.

Connor was in time out and crying so Addie went to love him. As you can see he hated it!

A pic of Addie on her sickly, cranky Sunday.

Connor was happy to see Daddy, especially when he mentioned a surprise!

Connor enjoying his surprise from Daddy.

Bundled up this morning for the run. They had their breakfast and milk. lol

Saturday, October 4, 2008

I don't really have much to say except...

War Eagle!!!
Now for some pictures. :)

Sweet hugs!

Sweet kisses!

Always sucking her thumb.

Just sitting around.

This is my 70 year old PawPaw after he took Wes' motorcycle around the neighborhood.

Granny & Papa fell asleep watching football. So sweet, even after 52 years.

Addie giving me a smile so I will help her down.

Looking so cute in her cheerleading outfit!

Our little cheerleader and football player.

Riding his tractor.

Driving the cozy coupe.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Busy, Busy

So things, have been busy around here. Yesterday my Granny and PawPaw arrived from Alabama. They are staying for a week to visit. My Granny is an awesome cook and we will be eating so good for the next week. lol We are so glad to have them here for a visit. Addie has already taken to them. This morning they stayed with Addie because we had to take Connor in for "surgery". PawPaw took a little nap this morning and from what I hear from Granny, he woke up with a stash of toys on top of him from Addie. My sweet girl is sharing. lol
So about Connor's "surgery". I dunno what I should really call it. It's not really surgery but it was something important and he was put to sleep..... He was put to sleep for a hearing test, to take out the tube in his ear, and clean his ears. Don't go thinking I am a bad mom bc he needed his ears cleaned. He has abnormally small canals that cause a wax problem for him and this will be an ongoing problem for him. It is nothing we can help. Connor was in a great mood for being woken up at 5:45....until they gave him Versed(spelling, sorry mom the anesthesia lady but I am just guessing) 3 of us were restraining him and he spit just about all of it out. Luckily it was only to relax him and not the real thing. lol He had just enough to make him cranky instead of relaxed. They took him back and about 45 min-1 hour later he was done. I dunno whether to call our news good or bad. The good news is the hearing test was normal but the bad news is that we have no answers for Connor's EXTREME issues with noise. Now we must further evaluate and investigate to look into the sensory type stuff. As the doctor put it, we now know that his hardwiring is normal so it seems his perceptions of sounds is the problem. So it is good that his hearing is normal but it still leaves us with no answers about his noise issues. Everything else went good too. He removed the tube that was left and cleaned his ears. We will be seeing the ENT again soon to see how much wax has accumulated to see how often this will be a problem as well as discuss further evaluations for Connor's noise issues. When we got to see Connor he was still unaware and kinda upset. He was fine when he got to come to me though. He took his Teddy with him to surgery and they bandaged Teddy's ear up. They also gave Connor his mask to bring home and his stuff that held his IV on his arm(gauze and board). When we were leaving we quickly realized how loopy Doodles was. He was jabbering crazy talk and could not even stand up. He was quite hilarious. Wes and I laughed all the way to the car and all the way home. When we got home he still couldn't stand well. About an hour later though he was back to his wild self. You would never even know he was put to sleep or anything. So all is well and Connor is back to normal.
I am really tired so sorry if this post is all over the place. I am going to post some pics and go to bed.

Teddy after "surgery".

Doodles giving Teddy the gas. lol

Addie loves to swing and wanted another turn.

Playing in the playhouse.

Addie and Granny having a good time.

Addie loves sliding. She was laughing and snorting the whole time.

Addie gave it her best shot to get to the top.....

And then she pouted and got mad when she couldn't do it.

Bracing himself for the bottom going down face first!

About our beach trip....

Well, things got busy around here and I forgot to blog about the details of our beach trip. Now it is kinda old news so I will just tell a bit about it. lol We stayed at The Dunes in Myrtle Beach, which is super nice, but the reason we really love it is the indoor water park. They have a lazy river, 2 water slides, a kiddie pool area with lots of cool stuff, etc. Connor loved the slides! He got to the point where he would swim across the lazy river, go up the steps, down the slide, and start over while Wes was watching him. Addie befriended 2 sweet little girls in the kiddie pool area. They were 3 and 7 and just loooooooved Addie. They played ball with her the whole time we were there. We also went to the beach for a little bit but Addie hates the sand and Connor preferred the water park. We also went to dinner. My favorite part of the beach is always all-you-can-eat crab legs. We decided to try a new place that ranked highly on It was called Captain George's. It is located on the corner of 28th and 17(you will see why this is relevant in a minute). We got on 28th and came to 17 Business and spotted a seafood place so we parked and went in. As we were being seated, I realized this place did not seem nice like the reviews on tripadvisor had said. So I read the girl's shirt and it said Captain Bennett's!!! I stopped the girl lugging the highchair and menus to let her know I thought we were at the wrong place. I said, "I think we are at the wrong place. We thought this was Captain George's." She says, "Oh, no this is Captain Bennett's." Awkward silence...... I say, "Ok, well we are going to leave now." She looks a little ticked and we leave. lol When we get to the parking lot Wes says "Damn babe, I thought you could have come up with something better than that!" lol I was just telling the truth. So we realize that Captain George's that we want to go to is on 17 and not 17 Business. So we drive a little farther and arrive at our destination. And it was quite delicious by the way. The kids were very good and allowed mommy to eat many many crab legs! The next day we went out on the beach before we had tp check out. After we checked out we went to lunch at Margaritaville. The kids really liked it because of the music. They were both just a dancing. So anyways, that is our last beach trip.