Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sharing means caring!

Most of the time, Addie and Connor are fighting over anything and everything. No matter what it is, they both want it. It may be an old cheerio one of them found under the couch, it may be a toy, it may be my nice pewter measuring spoons someone swiped from the kitchen drawer, it may be who is going to throw a piece of trash away, it may be the tv remote, xbox remote, or phone, it may be who is going to use the downstairs bathroom, or it may even be me or Daddy. I guess I can stop bc you probably get the idea that they fight over pretty much everything. Wait! I thought of another one. They fight over that damn baby stroller and the cozy coupe worse than anything. But in the midst of all the fighting there are the sweet moments. And let me tell you, they melt my heart! These moments are rare and I consider myself so lucky when I manage to see them..... and when they actually last long enough for me to grab my camera. Today I after a long day of squabbling, I caught them sitting in a bucket from Connor's toy storage together. They were laughing and having a good time. After a bit, Connor got tired of sharing his bucket so he went to get another one for Addie. Then they both enjoyed their own bucket. It was so cute to watch them play and enjoy each other without fighting. Below are a few pics I was able to get.

Playing nice in the bucket. Notice Addie has the highly sought after pewter measuring spoons. lol

After Connor went to get Addie her own bucket.

Other stuff going on around here. Wes is gone for a few days. We will be missing him while he is gone. This time next week, my mom, Jim, and J Cole will be here!!!!! I am so excited about them coming. Saturday will be a whole month that Addie has been wearing panties and out of diapers. She still does great on the potty and I am so proud! She is also doing really great in her big girl bed and seems to like it. Connor still really likes school even though he hesitates before going in. Guess that is all for now. I got one more pic today that I thought I would share. Addie's shirt had a hood and she wanted it on for a good part of the day. This isn't a very good pic bc she would not slow down. But she just looked so cute walking around inside with her hood on. :)

Cute little thing walking around with her hood on inside.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Cold Day & First Night in Big Girl Bed!

Today was a cold day but we managed to get outside for a few minutes after running an errand. I got some cute pics of the kids. Of ourse I will share a few below.
Big news of the day is tonight is Addie's first night in the toddler bed. We were not sure how she was going to react. She went to sleep and never made a peep! We cannot believe it. Below are some pics of us putting her in it for bed for the first time. The yellow stuff is not part of her normal bedding and do not match. It is temporary until Emmie gives her the quilt from Pottery Barn that matches the other Pottery Barn stuff on her bed. We want her to be nice and warm until then though. lol

I like this one. I think I am going to make it my new big pic at the top of the blog!

Addie liked being in the fort.

Addie says "Hi"!

Happy girl!

Silly boy!

The windblown look.

Connor was trying to carry Addie.

Looks like she likes it.

Ready to be tucked in.

Laughing at Daddy.

Now good night! We cut out the light and never heard another peep.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hi Again!

I seem to be posting less and less I have noticed. I think there are many contributing factors. I have started working part time doing play therapy again. Sometimes I feel like no one reads it so why post. I usually do all my posting at night and now that it gets dark so early I seem to go to bed earlier. I am going to try to post more often though.
First, lets talk about Doodles. He is doing great at "school". His second day was Thursday and he was reluctant to go in. After he saw that they were starting their day with Play Do, he happily told me good bye. When I picked him up 3.5 hours later, he told me to go back to work bc he did not want to leave. I had not even been at work but it made me kinda sad that he wanted me to leave again. :( At least I know he likes his pre-school time though.
Addie is doing great using the potty. I am so glad we did it so early. The only problem is, as much as she talks and says, she does not say potty. I have tried so hard to emphasize it this past 3 weeks but she will not say it. She is doing and saying tons of other new things but not the one thing I want/need her to say the most. When we are home she goes to the bathroom door when she needs to potty but she needs to learn the word or sign for potty so she can tell me she has to go when we are not home. I am sure she will catch on soon though.
I am getting tired so I will end this with a few pics. Bye for now!

Addie stuffing her face with some waffle.

Now that is some bed head!

I had this turned the right way....dunno why it turned it the wrong way.
I love when my kids do chores for me. lol

This shows how sweet Addie is. Every time he goes to time out she goes and loves him. As you can see by the look on his face he hates it. He also likes to cover up with the rug so she touches him less. lol

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Connor's First Preschool Day!

Connor went to preschool for the first time today. He was a little shy at first and we thought he may get upset but he did great. There are 3 other kids in the class and he seemed to click with them right away. He hugged me and then blew Wes and I a kiss as we left. We picked him up at 11:30. His teacher said he had trouble sitting and doing the activities but he just has to get use to things being so structured. He also spilled his juice at snack time because he could not sit still. Other than these things she said he did great and he just needs a little time to get use to everything. I know Connor really enjoyed it because he has already asked if he can go back to "school". I am so glad to have found such a great little preschool so close to home where his best friend is going too! And the owner/teacher is so great. She has her degree in special education and has worked as a teacher in reg classrooms and doing special ed. She also use to do Early Intervention Play Therapy like I do. We are so blessed to have found such an amazing place for Connor to learn!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Connor is going to preschool!

Tomorrow Connor will have his first day of preschool. He is going to go half days on Tuesday and Thursdays. I think he will really enjoy it, especially since his best friend from across the street just started last week too. I am really glad that Wes is off tomorrow so we can both take him for his first day together. I will post tomorrow evening about how his first day went.
Also, here are a couple of pics of Addie all bundled up to play outside. No pics of Connor today bc he was riding his bike around the block with "Mop".(the nickname Doodles made up for Wes' mom)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

So tired so here are some pics.

I am too tired to really type anything but here are some pics. It was a nice day so we spent some time outside.

Monday, November 3, 2008

We had a fun Halloween!

Halloween was tons of fun. I was so surprised by how much Addie enjoyed trick or treating.
The kids had a package arrive from Emmie, PawPaw Jim, and J Cole. They opened it up right before we left. We went trick or treating at 6 which would normally be Addie's bed time. We went with our neighbors. The kids had a great time! Connor always got second helpings because he continued to stand there so people threw in more candy. lol He was just waiting for Addie I think. lol Addie carried her little mini basket around. I was surprised that she seemed to understand what to do. She would walk up and hold out her basket. She sometimes said thanks after something was put in her basket. She was cluching candy in both hands and wouldn't let go. Too bad mommy won't even let her eat any. lol She did get to eat some pretzals someone gave her. We got home at about 7:45 and Addie threw a fit. She was so tired. She was flailing and I was scared something was wrong with her but she was just tired. She went right to sleep. We ordered pizza because Granny sent pizza $ for Connor and Addie. While we were waiting for the pizza we sat outside and handed out our candy. When the pizza arrived we ate outside. We had enough left over for both kids to have some for lunch the next day. Didn't want Addie o miss out on her pizza! Connor went to bed at 9 which is pretty late for him. He had lots of fun though. The next morning he woke up asking to have his toys opened from us and Emmie that he got for Halloween. Here are some pics from our evening.

Addie with the pumkins in her Halloween dress.

Look at my little pumpkin!

Fred and Pebbles Flintstone!

Our little Pebbles

Connor checking out the toy we put in his basket.

Addie with her gifts from us and Emmie.

Checking out his John Deere set from Emmie.

Silly boy!

Addie was helping herself. She knew what to do!

Does Pebbles suck her thumb?

Mean mommy won't give her any candy so she chewed it with the wrapper on. lol

Handing out candy from our house.