Sunday, September 28, 2008

The rest of our beach trip.

I am tired and watching some tv so I am just going to post some pics from the rest of our trip. I will post about what we did and tell about it tomorrow night.

Walking to the beach this morning.

Connor reaching out to hold Addie's hand.

Wondering what the crashing sound of the waves is.

Finally walking in the sand.... bc she has shoes on. lol

Catching a nap before check out. So sweet!

Walking around after lunch at Margaritaville.

Connor had a little tantrum/meltdown because he wanted to go back to the room because the sound of the waves bothered him.

And still upset....don't worry, he was fine after we couldn't hear the noise anymore.

Playing in the sand boat at Margaritaville.

One last trip on the balcony to say bye to the beach.

Daddy showed the bear some love since Connor would not.

Getting a ride from Daddy.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Guess where we are!!

At the beach! We came to the beach yesterday for a quick trip since Wes had to miss our last trip due to a training that came up. Just wanted to share some pics of our trip so far. I will post more about it when we get back home tomorrow.
Up with the early morning sun.

Playing in the condo's indoor water park.

Playing in the ocean.

Jumping the waves.

Running from the waves.

Not liking the sand.

Swimming with Daddy.

Connor is not scared any more.

Our kiddos are so cute!

Love that smile!

Always sucking that thumb.

Oh my goodness, she's so cute!

Real men wear diaper bags. lol

Playing in the sand.

Having a good time!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pics from today with new camera

I just took a bunch of pictures today with the new camera. Here are some of them.

Addie is holding my camera that quit before my last camera bit the dust at the fair. lol
This new camera is my 4th since Connor has been born.
I got the 2 year protection plan for this one!

Yummy snack time!

Looks like a full mouth!

Enjoying some dinner!

Looks like she is all done!
Connor loves spaghetti!

Cleaning up after dinner!

Addie thinks Connor needs a bit more washing so she hands over the baby wash. lol

Soapy head!


Sunday I had the brilliant idea to go to the local county fair. I thought Connor would enjoy seeing the animals and riding the rides. Wes was hesitant but we decided to go. Below our are costs due to going to the fair and some pictures from our outing.
Entry to fair- $18
Tickets for Connor to ride 3 rides-$10
Cost for Connor to ride pony for 1.5 minutes- $5
Seems like we spent more $ but I can't remember on what....
And the big killer....when we dropped our camera on the concrete.....$300+
So, we had to buy a new camera yesterday. Total sucky!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our team lost!

Well, Auburn lost last night. Darn! We did have a good time watching it with friends though. Just wanted to share a few pics of the kids yesterday evening in their Auburn gear.

My goofy boy missed a bit of ketchup on his mouth when washing up after dinner. lol

You probably can't tell but Connor had his pants on backwards. lol

Getting tickled by Daddy.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Enjoying the nice weather!

I am so glad for some nice cooler weather. The kids like it too because I am happier to take them outside to play now now. Maybe now that it is cooler, I will make use of the double jogging stroller. Right now all our downstairs windows are open and it feels so nice. What a great day for some college football. The Auburn vs LSU game is tonight and we are having people over to watch it. The kiddos also have on their Auburn gear. They look so cute. I will get some pictures to post later because they are napping right now. Addie wore her cheerleading outfit last Sat so today she has on an hand sewn Auburn peasant top with a denim skirt. Connor is sporting his jersey and khaki shorts. I will definitely get some pics of them later and make a post. Hope everyone has a great day and WAR DAMN EAGLE!

Here is a picture of Addie enjoying the nice weather a couple of days ago.