Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I am too Southern to drive in the snow!

We got snow.... and lots of it! I measured 7 inches on the table on our back patio! Connor's preschool teacher still had class so I figured I would drive in the snow for the first time. I figured it can't be too hard and the preschool is only 3 miles away from home. WRONG!!! I slid the car before I made it out of the neighborhood! I drove 15 the whole way and dropped him off fine. On my way out though, a ton of car were stuck so I had to turn around and take the much longer way home. Going in reverse and sliding around is not fun! I ended up on the opposite side of the road facing oncoming traffic and the tires just kept spinning out. I began bawling and calling Wes. I finally managed to spin the tires slowly and got moving. I was terrified the whole way home and am thankful that I made it home safe. The normally 10 minute round trip took me 1 hour and 15 minutes. Luckily our friends/neighbors from Minnesota and Alaska offered to let Wes go with them to get Connor when they get their daughter. I am glad Connor had an experienced snow driver on the way home! So that is my dramatic story about our snow day.
We see snow so rarely(especially since we are from Bama) that I took a ton of pics! Please forgive the amount of pics I am about to post. Also, there are so many of Addie bc it was her first snow and she was easy to photo bc she did not really care to move.....and couldn't in the humongo snowsuit that swallowed her. lol Next year, we will be prepared with some cold weather gear bc we had to borrow stuff from our neighbors for Addie(the ones mentioned earlier) and poor Connor just had to make do. Connor wore sweatpants with windpants over them. He also had on 2 jackets. He does not have snow boots so he wore his tennis shoes. Don't worry though, mommy kept his socks from getting wet and cold by putting Ziploc sandwich bags over his socks!!!! HAHAHAHAHA! Wes laughed his butt off when he saw that. It worked too! So us Bama folks have learned that we need cold weather gear in case of the rare snowfall and we learned to keep our butts at home and off the road. Now, time for the pictures!

Our house at 7:15 am!

Our house later at 10:00am.

Bundled up for the cold.

Standing in the snow for the first time.

Addie was not happy to try sledding.

Addie kept bringing me her gear to put back on but I knew she would be hot in the snowsuit inside. lol I managed to appease her by letting her wear her boots, hat, and glove while gazing out at the snow.

Connor got to come out and play after preschool, lunch, and nap. This is the beginning of the snow man.

Bringing some snow to Daddy for the snowman.

Just chillin.

All bundled up.

My sweet pea girl.

Being silly.

Not happy about being that deep in the snow.

Both my sweeties!

A half smile.

Playing peek-a-boo with me around the column.

The snowman is almost finished. We never got a finished pic bc the kids got too cold and the snowman fell over bc of our downhill front yard. lol

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