Sunday, January 18, 2009

I should be ashamed!

I have been so lazy and not posted in soooo long. Now I am too lazy to tell everything that has been going on so I will just post some pics from the almost month I have not updated. :) I will try to do better from now on!
A quick update about the kiddos:
Addie will repeat anything you say and is learning more new words than we can keep up with! I love hearing her sweet little voice talk! She is still sweet as pie but has a fiery little temper too! She showers us with kisses all the time and I never get enough!
Connor is blossoming into such a sweet little boy. He has such great manners. He is really enjoying preschool and doing really well. He still has the typical little boy times of trouble and whining but he sure is a sweetie most of the time.
Wes has started his Psyop schooling and I am working 10 hours a week. Nothing else really new with us.
Now for the pics.....

Discovering the kitchen from Santa on Christmas morning.

Doodles emptying his stocking. The microphone is so he can have his own when we play RockBand.

Addie's new doll stroller is a little big for her. lol

I caught Addie washing her hands in their kitchen.

The stupid pic won't upload the right way! Addie was sampling some CoolWhip while I made our dessert for after Christmas dinner.

Addie snuggled up with Daddy while he played his game.

Addie looks so cute in her little poncho.

She started out doing so well......

.....but she decided to go out with a bang!

Addie's custom made baby doll that arrived too late for Christmas.

It is always a bad sign to find these in a pile in the kitchen bc.... know the play room looks like this!!!

You are probably confused by this picture. When Addie gets the urge to potty, she often INSISTS on taking whatever she is playing with to the potty with her. It does not matter how large the toy is!

The kids were happy to see me when I got home from 4 hours of work. lol Notice the yuck on my face. I had either a spider bite or staph infection. It was treated like staph and looked UGLY!

As noted above, she wouldn't go without it. lol

I was folding laundry and Addie picked up 4 pairs of her panties and tried to put them all on. lol

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SgtSudsWife said...

They are adorable. Addie is getting so big and she is still as smart as a whip isn't she. The pics on the potty are crackin me up. Maybe I should try that with Lil C.

I have been the same with posting. Sometimes we just get that way. It's ok we know you miss us all while your to busy to blog. Hehe