Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas in Dixie..........

We got back from small town Alabama last night. We drove 11 hours each way with 2 kids and a dog to have Christmas with our families. Lucky for us, we are from the same home town and only have to make one trip to see all of our family. We left last Wednesday. We spent a day with my dad, a couple with the inlaws, and a couple with my mom and step dad. Other people also came to see us on Saturday and Sunday when we celebrated Christmas. Over the course of the 7 days, we were in 5 different houses. So we had to move our junk around that many times. I was sooooo tired of lugging around the play yard for Addie to nap in! It was very nice to get home last night. We came home with many gifts and some $$$$$!! The kids have a really, really nice chunk for their "future funds". Anyways, here are some pics. If you wonder why Connor is in almost none of them, it is bc he usually despises having his picture taken. Hope everyone has a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Let's start with a pic of our tree that we left at our house to die during our trip. lol

Addie the night before we left.

Doodles on that loooong car ride to AL.

Addie on the trip. She probably had it worst of all bc she still rear faces and hates riding in the car.

Outside watching the birds. It was a beautiful 78 degree day. lol

Having a tantrum bc she did not want to go inside and open presents.

We caught Addie with this beer bottle she got out of the trash. Had to snap a quick pic before taking it away.

Connor loves my cousin Hailey.

Connor opening his favorite present he got on the trip. It was a kid digital camera from Emmie.(my mom)

Connor after eating a cup cake to celebrate J Cole's birthday.

Addie and Daddy.

Addie and me.

Addie having a snack. This was at my mom's river cabin.

The stairs at my mom's cabin that got Addie a couple of times. She never fell down them bc we were good about keeping her off of them. She did fall over and knock her forehead on the first step which left a straight line bruise. She also slipped on her pants that were too long and fall into the banister with her cheek. It bruised immediately and she still has that one.

Addie loved looking out the windows at the cabin. She watched the birds and the wind blowing.


Anonymous said...

I hate that I did not get to see you when you were home. The children look like they had a good time. Hope everyone is well. Jennifer

Anonymous said...

i am ready to see pictures from Christmas! Your slacking...
Love Sarah